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Verify Certificate

Certificate Gate will enable users to verify certificates using either a verification code or an email address. Each certificate provider will have their unique verification page.

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A Certificate Platform For Everyone

Certificate Gate is suitable for both small organizations with a few hundred certificates and big companies that want to manage a large-scale certification program with millions of recipients

Webinar & Conference

Certificates of participation in conferences or webinars


Certificates confirming participation in online and offline courses.

Alternative Education

Diplomas and certificates of completion of alternative and /or innovative educational programs.

Corporate Training

Certificates issued upon employee training within the company.

Universities & Postgraduate

Diplomas awarded upon graduation from a degree-granting university; either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Symposia & Events

Certificates confirming participation in a symposium or online/offline event.

Workshops & Bootcamps

Certificates confirming participation in workshops, masterclasses, trainings, or boot camps.

Product Companies

Certificates confirming the ability to use a specific technology, product, or program.

The Most Powerful Features To Manage Certificates

Provide or Receive Certificates

Provide or Receive Certificates

Create an account as Provider or Receiver

Create Events

Create Events

Create various types of events, online and offline

Create Templates

Create Templates

Manage certificate template design, showcase & orientation

Unique Verification Page

Unique Verification Page

Certificate Providers can create their own Certificate Verification Page

Unique Portfolio Page

Unique Portfolio Page

Certificate Receivers can create their own certificate portfolio page

Deliver and Share Certificates

Deliver and Share Certificates

Create certificates and make available to recipients in easy few clicks

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